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GerliPay is here to take care of its corporate clients financial requests and their daily operations from a simple platform.

By choosing GerliPay, you can start the business account opening procedure for your company in a few minutes online and start using our 24/7 online platform to settle Your daily transactions.

GerliPay is the go-to payment solution for companies working in various industries, such as healthcare, IT services, hospitality, transport & logistics, sales and travel.

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GerliPay offers a 24/7 online platform


Online onboarding

When choosing GerliPay as the platform for your daily transactions, simply go through our registration form from the comfort of your home, work or any other location, because at GerliPay, the onboarding process is fully remote and does not require physical signing of papers.

Business account

Manage all of your money transfers from our easy-to-use payment platform located in your mobile phone or web browser on your computer. By opening an IBAN account in GerliPay, you can send money in EUR currency to any country located in the European Economic Area (EEA).

If you have two or more companies, you can view balances and make payments for each company by switching from one to another, no re-login necessary


Make SEPA payments in EUR currency from your company IBAN account to any of the single euro payments area countries.

Send and receive unlimited instant payments between your accounts in GerliPay and other companies that have an account in GerliPay with no commission.

Quickly view your payment history and download account statements for the account and period you need.

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GerliPay is a development driven payment solution that will always seek to offer the best services for its clients

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